Here’s How You Can Build Wealth In Your 20’s

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Increase your Retirement savings with your employer

This isn’t the most interesting way to build wealth ,but if your the company you work for will match your pension contributions or better unto a set point you should take advantage of this they way I see this is you are getting a greater then 100% return on investment from day one and the company will match your contributions and there’s also some tax benefits which can come along with investing in a pension.


The reason I haven’t stated what you should invest in is it should be you know about and understand investing multiples your money for you with minimal to no work involved from you meaning your making money from effectively no work. You could invest in things including property stocks bonds crypto and many more ,but the key is to invest your money.

The amount you invest should also increase as you earn more for example every time you get a raise a percentage of this should be invested I would typically recommend investing 50% of this money so you can enjoy some of it now ,but you are also increasing the amount you are investing.

Create an emergency fund

An emergency fund won’t make you rich but its designed to help protect your finances.I would suggest with an index fund you should have between 3-6 months worth of expenses saved this should help you in the event of a job loss or some urgent repairs on a house or car you can otherwise afford, this money is to stop you going into your investments.

Pay down bad debt

If you have bad debt such as credit card debt, car loans and other various loans, paying off these will enable you to save more and invest more meaning you can get richer faster.