6 Tips For Setting Goals For Success In 2021

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

Goal setting can be one of the best ways to keep us motivated and working towards a goal however many people don’t set goals effectively and they end up loosing there effectiveness because of this below are

Set Goals Using the Smart Acronym

For this of you that haven’t heard of the smart acronym below is an explanation:

Smart -The goals you set should be specific

Measurable -you should be able to track your progress

Achievable -ensure you can reasonably achieve these goals

Relevant -Goals should align with what you want

Time based -set a realistic time Fram to achieve the goals.

Set both short and long term goals

Long term goals can become daunting so I would recommend you have to long term goal set and then set a few smaller ones from that so lets say you want to have a net worth of £1 million by 30 I would then split this up and say £100000 net worth by 20 and then £500000 by 26 etc. obviously this would depend on your goal and where you are at with your goals but Im a big believer in short term goals to make big goals seem more achievable and too ensure you stay on track with where you need to be.

Write your goals down

writing down you goals is important as you remember things you write down more effectively than if you were just to think them up I also like writing goals down as you can’t argue with written words however with your thoughts you can often convince yourself they were different which makes goal setting pointless.

Write a plan to go with your goals

so whenever I write a goal I will write a plan to go along with it this helps me know where and when I need to meet my goals and how i’m going to do it lets take the first example of being a millionaire by 30 you would then decide how are are you going to do, real estate, stocks or business and what steps you would implement to reach that goal with these vehicles.

Start Working on your goals now

Theres no time like the present to start on your goals i’ve often in the past written goals and said to myself ill start next week and I never started, so just make sure you make a start now it could be as little as starting your research ,but just ensure you don’t procrastinate if you actually want these goals to be met.

Reread your goals

Your goals are a good way of holding you accountable so ensure you re read them to make sure you are working towards them if your falling behind make sure you understand why and work on It.