Can You Make money on Instagram?

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms today, you can absolutely make money with instagram and this article will show you how to can with actionable steps anyone can take today.

Ways You Can Make money on instagram

With instagram you need one of two things to start making money a following or money to pay people for promotions I will get into this more later on.

selling a physical or digital product– we can use instagram as a base to sell products now I would personally recommend you start your own page and grow your own following however you can pay other people to promote for you, you would do this buy messaging pages within you niche for example if your selling a business e book you would message a bunch of pages asking them how much they charge for a promotion typically these promotions cost $30 for a 24 hour post you would then send them what you want them to post and then will then do the rest for you, you should then start seeing the sales rolling in. If you have however your own following you can do this for free whenever you want , the benefit of having your own following would be you can do some research using polls on your story before creating your product so you know what your customers want, for example if you want to write an ebook you may choose to do a few polls such as “would you be interested if I wrote an ebook?” “what topics would you want included””how much would you be willing to pay” these are just examples and you could tailor it to your audience and niche.

selling promotions– another advantage of building your own page is the fact that you can sell promotions to other people and pages to do this I would recommend just putting something simple in you bio such as “DM me for promos” you could also message pages in your niche to see if there interested in a promo from you I would recommend starting with a low price when starting out like £10 per promo and work up, you want to limit your promotions to 1-3 times per week so your page doesn’t come across to spammy which can loose you followers.

selling mentorship– once you build up a decent following of about 50k I would recommend you start selling mentorships to people, as building a social media page to that level is a skill a lot of businesses and individuals want to gain and you can charge a very high price for this once you get a good reputation.

Affiliate marketing – to do this you would use the same technique as as mentioned for selling a product however we would be promoting someone else’s product its the same process however we a simply promoting someone else’s product this is a good way of making a good income with a big audience and the benefit of doing this is that you don’t have to create your own product so less effort is needed on your end.

How long does it take to make money on instagram

with instagram you can make money from week one, your income is dependent on your following a good following to make money from as a start would be 1000 followers which i’ve done with some pages in 3 days however for some niches it may take a few weeks however a good following to make a few extra 100 pounds a month would be 10000 follower which is more than achievable for most people in couple of months

How I would recommend you start

I would recommend you start with a theme page.A theme page is a page which essentially shares content on a particular niche to do this you can simply repost other peoples content (make sure your crediting the people you get the content from)when you post content its key to add an engaging description in, and add some relevant hashtags for example if you are sharing a post about crypto you may choose to use hashtags such as #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #litecoin #xrp ect. just make sure there relevant you can research the most effective ones however id recommend to start with just made sure you are using relevant hashtags and you should be fine.

You need to ensure that your content is engaging and just copy what works lets say you have a page about business and your followers really engage with your content about affiliate marketing make sure a lot of your content is focused on that and don’t waste energy and time on things that just don’t work.

I would recommend you post 3 times per day this is the best amount i’ve found I post when I wake update lunch and after work around half 5 just find what works for you.

To grow your following you should engage with other peoples content in your niche by liking and commenting on there posts and following a small number of people who like the comment within that niche (about 30 per day)I would recommend spending around an hour a day on your page, this is what’s worked best for me but it is really dependent on your content.

once you’ve gained a decent following repeating this its now important to find a way to monetise it you can do this by any of the ways mentioned above.

I currently have two instagram accounts linked below that i’m working on at the moment both have a very different approach to growth and monetisation my travel account have been very active uploading 3 times per day and i’ve been actively interacting as apposed to my finance one where ive spent about 10 minutes a day this shows that the amount of effort you put into you account will show in your growth rate and hence moentisation

If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below and ill get back to you.