Not All investments Require Money

Photo by 金 运 on Unsplash

Investments will almost always require money and or time, if you don’t have much money at the moment its time to leverage your time , so one day you can leverage your money and make your money do the hard work for you, by having it invested in businesses, stocks and real estate.

How can I make money without investing money:

now i’m going to start this off by assuming you have a phone or a computer and an internet connection here are a few ways you could start making money:

Start an instagram theme page- you can make money from this once you have a good following by selling shout outs for other pages (promoting other pages) or other ways such as using affiliate marketing to promote products.

start free lancing- there are a number of websites which enable you to list free lance work scubas fiver , most people have a skill they can sell on this, it could be graphic design coding or a manner or other things if you don’t have something you could sell there loads of free resources on the internet to learn a skill you can later sell.

start filling out online surveys-now i’m going to be honest now and say I have tried this a few times and made about £5 in an hour which isn’t very good it can be slow but if your young or really need the money now then go for it but just be aware it can be slow.

Start a YouTube channel- if you have a phone and a computer you can start a YouTube channel there a few free editing softwares you can use, it will take time to build a following ,but a venture like this has the potential to grow exponentially and its something that is available to everyone today.

signing up to free rewards- I used to go around signing up for free rewards through links for investing platforms such as this Trading 212 account link where you get a free share when you sign up for an account with them its fairly easy to find £100 worth of free offers you can sign up for ,but eventually you will run out of the good ones and it will slow down.