How I Find Motivation

I’ve struggles a lot with keeping myself motivated to continue to work towards my goals particularly as life gets in the way whether that with work or any other reasons it can often be difficult to keep moving forward here’s a few ways I find motivation during these times.

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This is my number 1 motivator at the moment its what stated it all, the reason I even got into business and investing was because of a trip to Monaco as a teen I remember that day like it was yesterday seeing all the yatchs, super cars and high end shops I knew one day I wanted to at least have the opportunity to be able to afford these so is started looking at ways I could make more money which slowly lead me to where I am today, still working away to meet that dream. Every time I travel to another country I get the same feeling, but you don’t have to actually travel to get a similar feeling i’ve found even the act of planning a holiday (you don’t have to even book it ) motivates me.

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Reading whether this is a website article or whether its a book motivates me, as it furthers my knowledge and helps me see more clearly how I will be able to live the life I want, reading a few pages a day is a good way to keep continual motivation as its an easy daily task to complete but it can have a huge impact.

Watching videos

videos are an easy way to see people where you want to be or to learn, I will often watch review on watches or cars I know I want be able to justify for at least 10 years ,but it reminds me of where I will be in 10 years , everyone is different ,some might want to just be retired in 5 or 10 years , if that’s the case look up FIRE videos and see people who have done the same or maybe you want be travel full time ,so watch travel videos this will be different for everyone ,but for me it keeps me focused on that goal.

Talking to people ahead of me

whenever I get the opportunity to I will speak to people who I believe are ahead of me, there’s many ways you can find these people and sometimes they will answer questions you been asking yourself for months or even years and this to me is one of the biggest things I get from this ,but also It makes you realise the process is never instantaneous it takes years , usually decades to build substantial wealth even so called over night success stories have had years of foundational work to get to a point to where they can achieve what they have.

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

Looking at things I want want

I just want to make it clear the biggest goal for me is freedom ,but id also be lying if I said I didn’t want to have some of the nicer things in life, I don’t buy my self really any luxuries at the moment but i’m constantly looking at cars’ watches and high end homes as honestly it helps me keep working and also stops me from buying these things now and slowing my self down because i’m constantly reminding my self it will come ,but not now.

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