Why You Should Write Down Your Plans

I believe making plans for your days or even years is important especially if you want to become rich, your plan is your game plan on how you will get rich, there are a few reasons I believe all your plans should be written down.

It holds you accountable

This is because you’ve said this is where you need to be and by when, I recently found a few plans I had and to say i’m behind on them is an understatement however after reading my plan again i’ve realised its still achievable with a lot of hard work and honestly a bit of luck to reach those goals, without these written plans I don’t believe I would be working towards my end goals like I am and from now on I am checking the plans I have every week to remind my self where I need to be, its something i’ve found very useful for my motivation when it comes to working on my goals as honestly It can be hard to keep moving forward especially when you get a few set backs.

It stops You Questioning What You Planned

I have a bad habit of convincing my self I had though out plans or goals differently when I haven’t written them down to make my self feel better about not meeting the goals and this is something a lot of people do, but I can’t argue with the words I personally wrote down and checked whereas when you think something its easy to change what you think, so to me a plan doesn’t count until its either on paper or on your notes section of a phone or laptop.

It Makes It Easier To Check Your Plans

when I just think of plans its very easy for me to convince myself everything is doable because I struggle to see the entire picture when Im just thinking however writing things down and splitting them up I can see wether it achievable or even whether it pushes me enough to meet my end goals.