How To Make Your Hobby Pay

Most people have a certain hobby or interest and a lot of these hobbies are potential goldmines if there’s something you enjoy whether its watches or scuba diving there’s multiple ways you can make them pay below are just a few ways people can make money from a hobby.

Photo by Celyn Kang on Unsplash

Start A Social Media Page

A social media page is something anyone can start today there easy to start and are low to no costs building up a reasonable following may take time however you can make money a few ways for example you can do paid shoutouts or sponsored ads as you gain a following these will become more lucrative, a social media page is a good way to start from this you may eventually start branching out you brand by doing things suggested bellow or starting other pages.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

The pros of starting a social media page

It can be low maintenance once your page is established

it’ll be in subject you interested in so it shouldn’t be hard to maintain

it can be used to start of other businesses after gaining a sizeable following

The cons of starting a social media page

It hard to gain a sizeable following as it competitive

it can be hard to monetise at first

Sell Courses On Your interest

This is something you see a lot on social media, this is competitive however people are very willing to learn a low cost course that you can provide value to people would generate a good income for you however people need to trust you and you need some kind of credibility which is why id suggest starting a social media page prior to this.

The pros of starting a course

people are often willing to pay a lot for a course.

once set up you don’t have to make any changes (you will still have to market for it though).

The cons of starting a course

It a time consuming process to make a valuable course.

people need to trust you before paying good money for a course so it may not be something you can start straight away without a following.

most niches are competitive when it comes to courses so your course will really need to stand out.

Sell Physical items

This would likely be the highest start up cost of all the ways suggested before however once setup may have the most potential for constant long term growth lets say you like going fishing so you start a fishing tackle shop with this you buy another and so on or it may even be on line and over time you may start stocking more products selling to more people.

Photo by Md Salman on Unsplash

The pros of selling a physical item

physical items can often be used as part of marketing if people are using items with your logo or company name on it, it will likely increase your traffic whilst also making money from the product.

The cons of selling a physical item

it can be difficult to produce a physical product without prior knowledge or experience

its time consuming to produce a product that is worth while selling.