stop over analysing everything if you want to be rich

I think planning is essential if you want to make consistent progress in anything but some people get too concerned about planning for every eventuality this however only stops you from becoming rich, as the time you’re wasting overthinking is time you could be using to progress in life . Overthinking delayed me start on my journey by at least a year here’s how I stopped that:

Just start

you could understand absolutely everything about money but the only way you get any money is from actually going out and getting the work done id been thinking about investing for years and one day I had a spare £500 to invest so I put it into an index fund whilst this investment is small it made a big change for me it shifted my focus from just learn to learn and doing for you this might be a £100 investment or a £5000 investment its all relative but making that first step even if its small is huge.

understand the basics

I don’t recommend doing anything without understanding the basics, but just to make a start you don’t need to know everything nothing will be perfect or as you imagine so understand basic information and go for it at the earliest opportunity.

keep plans simple in the beginning

in the beginning your not going to know what you can and can’t achieve so have basic plans and try to stick to them but also don’t get to annoyed if you don’t hit them at first, understand what went wrong and move forward to me this is the best teacher.