Building Wealth is A Game Learn How To Play And You’ll Be Rich

from the beginning i’ve always seen building wealth as a game, why?Because I like strategy in games and I feel like this can be transferred into real life, for example lets say in a standard strategy game on your phone you start from nothing and you build whatever you have up as much as you can this to me sounds like how most people start with nothing and build themselves up to become wealthy. Heres a few basic rules I believe you should learn to win financially:

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Get a high income skill:

Getting a high income skill or multiple skills is important if you want to build wealth at a reasonable pace for the simple reason that if you earn more your gonna have more money to invest and will have more options available i’m not saying go out and get a well paid corporate job although if that’s the route you want to take go for it i’m more suggesting you start a business of some kind if your into fitness this could be starting a YouTube channel and sell your own programs or if your into computers it may be coding for website development or apps its down to who you are as a person and it doesn’t have to be something your good at now but it should be something that has potential.

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Build passive income:

No one can or even want to work 24 hours a day 365 days a year, but i’m a big believer that you should aim to be earning money 24/7 this may be through stock, real estate or even a semi passive online store that may require the odd tweak but nothing major every once in a while.This will supercharge the rate at which your wealth is build especially if money is consistently added to this.

Focus on learning:

learning will help you to understand the two previously mentioned points its your foundation if you’d like and as you grow the foundation should also to support your goals and where you are at, at the moment.ways of learning might be reading through things on the internet, YouTube or reading books (I have a section on my blog recommending some good books to read.)

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If you Are interested in building wealth here are a few books id recommend reading

Rich Dad poor dad

4 hour work week

The millionaire next door

Think and Grow rich

Above is a small list of books id recommend you read to gain an understanding of wealth creation and business there’s amazon affiliate links contented to each of these if you are interested in these books . THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO START.