How To Get More From Less Work

Theres a lot of people on the internet saying just work hard and you’ll one day be rich, id rather say work smart and one day you’ll get rich.Working hard doesn’t make you rich in all cases for example think of the average salary of a labourer probably on about £10-£15 an hour and I would say a lot of them work hard probably working long hours as well but that kind of money alone will never make you rich where as you might have an investor who’s invested for years an makes more per year just from managing there investments sure there’s been some hard work to get there but its been smart hard work.

Heres a few ways you can work smart:

Focus On A Few High Value Skills

There are some forms of work where there quite simply isn’t enough money in you could work at somethings for years and never make more than the national average I would suggest you follow the money, this will change as markets change but you need to be able to adapt to those changes if you want to be rich, this will often yield greater results.

Find Ways To Earn While You’re Not Working

Essentially you should invest if there one thing I know can work for longer than I can its my money it can make me money while I sleep and this is needed because there’s only so many hours you can put into work and understanding this is key.


A key to working efficiently is to plan set out how you are going to achieve things and it takes away the need to constantly have to think about what next as you’ve already mapped out what you need to do i’ve found when I do this I can get almost twice as much achieved in one time when things are planned out for me.