People need To Think Bigger

I find to many people don’t aspire for enough in life and end up living a mediocre life they often aim for a standard life and even fall short of that due to a lack of ambition.

you should aim for much higher than a life you would just be satisfied with as with bigger goals there should be more work on your part and if you fail at your big goal the worst thing that could happen to you is you fall short and meet the average life you would be happy with.

I personally would be happy earning an average middle class salary of £30000-£50000 per year but I have plans to aim for £500000 why?because i’m more likely to hit my first goal and the extra income would fund a better lifestyle, you don’t need a lot of money to be happy but it can by you the nicer things in life the nice holidays the nice clothes etc. and who doesn’t want those.

Even if you hit your first goal and you no longer want to carry on you would most likely have reached your goal sooner than you originally planned for.

double you goals or more and work at least twice as hard and reach the goals you want to in life.