Why I Save to Invest Not Just Save To Save

I do believe standalone Saving has a place for example when your saving for something in the short term for example a deposit of your first personal house, this is because investments may go up and down in the short term so can’t be relied on for this short of time.

Why I Wont Save to save in the long term

savings account generally for the time being produce very low interest rates, which inflation often beats, this slowly eats away at the value of your money so the longer it sits there effectively the less your money is worth.On the flip side investing can often get interest greater than inflation hence increasing the value of your money over time.

Things I wouldn’t save For but would instead invest


General wealth building

Childs education (portfolio would need de risking the closer it gets to be needed)

Anything ill be saving for over 5 years

Things I would save for

A deposit on a house

a holiday

anything you would be saving for less than 5 years