Find Someone To Grow With If You Want To Be Rich

What I mean by this is someone who’s in a same or similar position to you that wants the same or similar goals in life.This could be a girlfriend a boy friend friends or family it really doesn’t matter who it is but you need someone who’s going through the same things you are.If you can’t find someone like this find someone who’s above you and is on the way to achieving what you want or is where you want to be, it’ll really help lift you.

How I Find People Like This

I tell people about what I want to achieve its amazing how many people want to invest in real estate or stocks or want to start a business I bet there’s someone you don’t even realise that wants this that you spend almost every day with.Other ways other people use are networking events or online, but I want people I trust ,so I tend to just discuss this with people I already trust.

Why This Can Help So Much

Lets say you want to invest in real estate you found the average price in your area is £120000 and you need a 25% deposit with is £30000 coming up with £30000 by yourself might be hard dependent on your situation, so if you find another person you can partner with you deposit now only needs to be £15000 granted you profit is halved but so is the time needed to acquire the property meaning compounding can happen faster getting you richer sooner, the more people you can do this with the faster you can accumulate wealth.

Everyone goes through ups and downs having people you can talk to who aren’t feeling the downs when you are is beneficial they’ll be able to see things in a much more positive light which may be enough to get you motivated and moving forward trust me I’ve been helped out multiple times by this and I don’t think the people even realise.

Its not the end of the world if you can find someone right away not being able to find someone won’t stop you being rich but if you find someone who’s interested in what you want to achieve I personally would capitalise on it, it will benefit you both.