Success is a choice

Im a firm believer in the fact that success is a choice there’s minimal luck about it here’s why:

Bad Luck Shouldn’t Stop you

If you want something so bad you dedicate yourself to it there will be set makes both major and minor some people will put these set back to bad luck successful people will look at the set back learn from it assess the situation and find a way around this wouldn’t be easy but I truly believe 90% of people couldn’t do this a lot of people don’t have it in them.You may get lucky and have no major set backs on your way which is good for you but you may also have loads of major set backs I could almost be 100% sure there would be a way to progress around these.

Most people want the outcome but not the work

if you want to become anything in life you need to realise as you progress there will be additional work which comes with that lets say you invest in real estate you now own the problems with that property that’s why you can make decent money being a landlord, but you need to be ready for this work. With stock most people don’t even understand what there doing without the understanding how can you expect to make consistent gains on you portfolio.

Its A Choice To Start

The most important thing with building wealth is starting and that’s a choice in itself most people don’t even make it past that point they find a way to talk themselves out of investing or starting a business, don’t allow yourself to fall into that trap it’ll stop you achieving anything.

I hope this clarifies why I believe success is a choice i’ve made the choice to aim to become successful I hope you do to.