Here’s Why I Think Waking Up Early Could Make You Rich

Obviously when I say this I don’t mean I think you can get rich just by getting up early you’ll be rich but there are a number of reasons I believe it may help:

It Keeps You In A routine

I believe a routine helps you keep consistent with work my reasoning for this is simply because it keeps everyday the same in terms of how and when it starts and ends ,there’s no excuse with having a late night the night before so you don’t fancy working as you should be in a routine.

You Start The Day With A win

Its challenging for a lot of people to wake up early the first time I work up at 05:00AM for work I struggled to get out of bed even after 8 hours sleep, but having achieved that my first challenge for the day was complete and I won.This starts carrying on throughout the day i’m a believer in if you have a morning with lots of wins this is often carried forward throughout the day.

You can Automatically Get Ahead Of Your Competition

If you’re up at 05:00AM and your competition is up at 07:00AM you’re automatically 2 hours ahead of them that 2 hours makes a big difference over a week or longer especially if you’re working that 2 hours longer than your competition.

It Empowering Being The First One There in the morning

whether this is the gym the office or wherever you start the day i’ve found being the first one there often feels good as you’ve beat everyone there it can also reflect well on you at work if your the person who’s always there first ready to start the day before anyone else.

It cuts Out Wasted Time Throughout the Day

If you sleep 8 hours a night and your up at 05:00am you need to be asleep at 09:00pm I believe this is a good thing as often this time isn’t usually productive most people use it to watch Tv which is getting you no where.