How To Continually Make Progress

If you want to be successful long to you need to be consistent long term.Heres how I do it:

Focus on achieving small tasks 1 at a time

I find focusing on big tasks can sometimes be daunting and quiet honestly it puts me off starting I find its easier to gain momentum with my work when I do tasks which are split up into smaller ones as its easier to see what i’m achieving and that makes me motivated.

Plan out your day, month and years

If you have a plan you can easily see where you have to be when, having a plan has helped me make progress. as I can clearly see what needs to be done when.

Be clear on your goals

I found this to be incredibly important I need to know why i’m doing the things i’m doing now to keep up the motivation and keep making consistent progress on everything. When you feel demotivated you should remember why you’re doing what your doing if your why is strong enough this should motivate you no matter how hard the work is.

Split up Hours Worked Throughout The Week

I would much rather work an hour a night every day of the week rather than 7 hours one day after work on a set day after work. This is simply because some days your less productive than others due to different factors we all have good days and we all have bad days the problem with having all the hours on one day is if you have a day where your not productive and all 7 hours are worked on one day you might only get 3 hours done as apposed to the same thing split up throughout the week one bad day might only loose you 20 minutes of work.I also find i’m more likely to actually get the work done if those working hours are smaller.