Automation is key to becoming rich

Too many people fall into the trap of doing everything themselves, there’s the old saying if you want something doing right do it yourself I disagree with this massively I tend to work with the idea that if I want something doing right ill ask an expert.Heres a few reasons I believe automation is key:

It Means You Can Have More Projects At Once

Your never going to have multiple projects if you spending 80+ hours just on one its unrealistic and by not doing this you could find yourself missing out on a big opportunity this could be the difference between a £100000 a year income and a £1 million+ income.

It Allow You To Think More Clearly About How To Move A business Forward

Theres no way you can make a business as big as it can be if your doing everything from lets say cleaning to planning the future of the business I suggest you hire people to do the jobs that people can easily be found to do first and slowly hire more people giving you more time to focus on the future of the business, you need to detach yourself from unimportant tasks these will hold you back more than you would ever imagine.

You Can Have Experts Working For You

you can only be expert in 1 or maybe 2 things but you might have more areas of your business that require different levels or expertise and hiring people to fill those roles makes perfect sense rather than doing half a job yourself, improving the quality of what your business produces.

A lot of people struggle with automation and I understand it a business can e a very personal thing you may have started it from nothing and your worried someone will mess up well sooner or later if you do everything you may be the one to mess up you will limit your potential if you don’t have some level of automation so its important to look into,