You Have To Think Big If You Want To Become Rich

If you want to get rich you need to be setting you aim much higher than you might think lets say you want to be making £100,000 a year I believe you should be working for twice that, here’s why:

You shouldn’t restrict yourself

When people set a goal they often don’t aim for the highest they can and when they hit the goal they generally just settle for this which isn’t the best they could be doing, this is settling for second best and no body wants that. At least if you aim for more than your base goal you’re achieving twice as much as you previously set your goal for.

you could reach your goals faster

if you work like your working for twice the goal you should theoretically meet your original goals twice as fast, this is because you should be working twice as much or at least twice as hard.

You’ll be more likely to meet your first goal

you won’t meet every goal you set in life, that’s something you come to realise as you start goal setting i’ve found if I aim for twice as much i’m just generally more likely to meet the original goal as I don’t underestimate what it takes to reach it.