Ways I Find Inspiration For Future Ventures

A big problem people have when wanting to start business is a lack of ideas usually caused by lack of inspiration this becomes easier the more you do it here’s some of the ways I use to find new ideas:

Social media:

Im sure all of you use social media, I make a point with my personal accounts to follow any business or investing page I can see I do the same with YouTube and ill be honest most of it is recycled rubbish but you’ll find the odd piece of information or video that changes everything or starts you exploring different ways of thinking etc. this really can be a useful tool but I have found this method does have diminishing returns after a while as most of it is repeated.

Simple search on the internet :

It can be as simple as typing in something such as businesses anyone can start, this again will often give you a few limited results but the odd one or two could make you a lot of money this is the method I tend to use when starting thinking about business as its instant.

walking around and looking at any advert or business I walk past:

This sounds trivial but when you go on walks or runs take in what’s around you, the more you look the more you realise people are making money from pretty much everything doing this might start you in your research into a new industry you never know where this might lead.

speaking to people:

particularly if you know people who own businesses this is by far the best way to get started they can give you so much more insight than the internet will give you you simply ask and they can answer they might not want to answer everything but that’s down to the individual, utilise this if you can.