Why Consistency Is Key If You Want To Be Rich

If you want to be successful in anything in life you have to remain consistent.Heres how I stay consistent:

Don’t Expect things to be easy

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I have a bad habit of thinking things will be easy I start and then realise its not .I’m sure this is the same for a lot of people, but for me to start something and be consistent I need to expect this so I know what i’m letting my self in for.Its important to realise that when things are hard in the start they often become much easier over time ,as you get used to it and understanding this was key for me stick with something for a set amount of time and just keep working away. You will eventually be able to systemise most if not all things in business so keep in mind whilst it is hard now you will get massive benefits 5 or 10 years down the line or even sooner.

little and often is key

When talking about being consistent I would much rather start by making a lifestyle change when implementing a new business etc. give it a hour a day this might, not be enough for any significant grow, but you can work up to that. Once you get used to that slowly increase the time you spend on it until you feel your working as much as you want to and are continently getting good results from your work another approach would be to work until you’ve exceed the results you want and then focus on systemising to cut down the time spent working. This approach is much better than 1 week of 100 hours of work and then stopping, the business would go no where with no work after that and try doing that every week most people couldn’t stick to that, its important to understand a business won’t grow much overnight and even the so called overnight success stories had years of work laying the foundations for what was to come.

Don’t expect results now

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If you expect results in x amount of time id often suggest doubling it or more as we often underestimate how long things start to get running.The reason this is important to me is i’ve found myself in some occasions becoming unmotivated as i’m not where I thought id be this happens and it’s important to learn how you can improve, but don’t dwell on it too much as that in itself would slow your progress. But also before you become unmotivated remember big results could be a month or a year away you just have to keep continually pushing and pushing lets say your trying to start a YouTube channel you could be one video away from your channel growing exponentialy ,but you’ll never know if you give up.

Don’t get caught up in numbers

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I remember seeing an Instagram post a few months ago of a miner close to diamonds ,but giving up just before he’d reached them, this could well be you if you get caught up in the numbers .you could be days of consistent work away from your big break so don’t give up if you know you have something that could take of. I hear people say numbers don’t lie which is true, the’re black and white, but its in the past they can’t indicate where you’re going fully they could be used to make an estimation but its never 100% business and investing rarely see linear growth at the start so keep pushing.


Like in investing everything you do in business will compound, for example every thing you learn and every person you meet has the ability to grow you business exponentially its important to understand that in the beginning compounding like with investing has little effect however after some time the effect of this will make major differences as it will start to add up.

You need to stay up to date with your competition

You should consistently keep up with the new trends in your industry this is important as they will continually evolve if you don’t consistently keep up with some trends you risk being left behind in your industry.

You Need To Be Consistently learning

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You need to be consistently learning so, as the things you don’t know about have the ability to catch you out you can learn multiple ways this could be looking back at past mistakes, watching YouTube videos, reading articles online or reading books. And you need to be constantly doing this as like I mentioned before things change and we need to be aware of them so we can assess how changes will impact what we do.