Make Plans If You Want To Be Successful

A big reason people don’t become wealthy is because they fail to plan.

Why Is Planning Important

Working with no plan is like having a destination with no directions you might get where you need by guessing and using signs as you go, or you could end up in the complete wrong place.

How Should You Start Planning

The first plans I ever put together were long term plans so where I want to be in 10 + years and step by step how I plan to achieve this ive since broken steps down into smaller steps, so for example in 2 years I want to be buying a rental every year and then my next plan highlights how I intend to get the money for the deposits.You can over plan but give yourself enough to follow along to an exempt plans are 100% accurate if it doesn’t work learn and move on make changes to your overall plan if needed.

Why I write my plans down

Much like when writing down goals I like to write plans down as I tend to change my plans in my heads can’t argue with things I write down but I can argue with thoughts in my head. By writing them down you hold yourself accountable for them you’ve said this is how your going to do things so if you’r not following why?

Its important to remember plans only go so far you need to action the plans to even make them worth your time writing them down, don’t make then unachievable but make them a slight stretch to push yourself you will thank yourself.