Stop Procrastinating or it will stop you from becoming rich

Procrastination is one of the major things that stops people becoming who they want to be a believe everyone at some point struggles to get the motivation needed to take action below ive compiled some points which have helped me and may help you.

split goals into smaller ones

This is the major thing that helped me start taking action what I mean by this is you should have a main goal for a set time but split that into multiple smaller goals to reach that.Lets say your goal is to be a millionaire in the next 10 years, your smaller goal might be reach £100k net worth in 2 years as your first £100k is commonly described as the hardest one.This splitting up of goals helps big goals feel more achievable and hence I find I’m more motivated to start.


This is one I’m sure you might not t=considered but i’ve found ever since i’ve started working out Ive had so much more energy than before this has boosted my productivity by around 50% as a rough estimate.I would recommend around 1 hour a day this could be walking or all the way to weight lifting do whatever you will enjoy.

Don’t over work yourself

I know common advice is you should work 100 hour weeks if you want to get rich, this isn’t something I can maintain at the moment at least so I don’t as I believe consistently small progress is better than one big burst only to then burn out, you can slowly increase the hours and find whatever works for you this is very individual but don’t sell yourself short, if you work 40 hours for a company you should at least spend a couple hours a night on your goals.

keep your main goal in mind all the time

Imagine what it’ll be like when you can live the lifestyle you’ve dreamt off this is important to me as I need to constantly remind myself of the why otherwise I become demotivated and stop, the why will help you push through the barriers life and business will throw at you.