Why You Should Stop Making Excuses If You Want To Be Rich

Excuses hold so many people back in life, honestly I used to have an excuse for everything and it held me back because I felt nothing was my fault (it was). Im gonna discuss some excuses people have for not being where they want to be and why there not valid. Once you understand why things are you fault and you own that you can really propel your life.

School didn’t teach me about investing

It most likely didn’t teach you about investments I don’t personally understand why they don’t but that’s a whole other topic. School did however teach you to research how to read and how to write that’s more than a lot of people get and you should honestly be grateful for the opportunity you also have access to the internet, therefore you have all the necessary means to teach yourself so not being taught it should never hold you back from learning and hence starting. Don’t expect things to be handed to you and go for it.

Im not from a wealth family

Most people aren’t, most millionaires aren’t.This might mean you don’t have the support some people get but life isn’t fair you have everything you need to get rich a laptop and internet connection or even a phone and internet connection has made millions of people millionaires all over the globe, so what’s stopping you from getting to that point? It’ll take time, it won’t be easy but there’s no reason you can do it.

I’m too old/young to start

Age should never hold you back whether your young or old, if you’re older it may be harder to achieve I’m not going to lie as you generally get more responsibilities as you get older but you can always make time for things that make so make the time whether that means you sleep 6 hours instead of 8 or whether you stop watching the tv the list is endless.There are ways around this such as junior isa accounts where you might have to give your parent the money and they can invest for you, or even if you focus a couple years on educating yourself.

To end this I just want to say these a just a few of the many excuses i’ve heard I just wanted to highlight why excuses are wrong, please just don’t allow yourself to be the type of person to blame your problems on external factors it’ll hold you back if you are that type of person changing your view could change your life