why self education is key to becoming Rich

Traditional education will never teach you even the basics of investing or business its designed to get you into a job for life.What traditional education does teach you though is to read, write and basic or advanced numeracy it obviously teaches you much more than this but these are key skills you can leverage to become wealthy.

How you can educate yourself

Read books- this Is one of the main ways I teach my self anything money related as I like the fact I can easily find information again, if I wanted to I could make notes or leave book marks on key parts its just a way I found easy to learn, it took time for me to try this however as I never enjoyed reading throughout my time in school, but I found I now enjoy this.

watch YouTube videos- this is probably the most enjoyable way to learn about investing its much better than watching whatever is one the tv as the information you can learn could change you life, this was the way I started learning after just stumbling onto an investing video after searching something like how to make money online at the age of about 13 as I’m sure most of you have.Ive found after a while though it mostly all the same information at there’s a point of diminishing returns when it comes to watching videos.

searching for information on the internet-this is often the most straight forward way to learn,if you have a problem you can search it up obviously you have to use common sense with this and don’t believe everything you read but its a good guide especially when you want an answer fast.

courses- this is honestly something I’ve never done I don’t like the whole spend £10000 for a 2 day course I may be wrong but I believe these are a bit of a con however I can see potential value in the cheaper online courses as all the informations there in one place like a book but its usually as videos which can be easier to sit through.

podcasts- I like podcasts as there easy to put on whilst driving or working there a good thing to do when you have the opportunity to I would never sit down for 2 hours to listen to one but whilst driving or working I believe its an efficient way to use that time you would other wise only be using for one thing.

Don’t get information overload

I struggled with taking action for a long time as I constantly researched and researched I wanted all the information before I started, I never did, that mistake took about a year of action from me. my recommendation would be learn the basics start whatever your doing whether that be a business or investing and as you go a long continually learn, you can have all the information in the work but it goes no where without action please remember that it’ll make you more money.