Set Goals If You Want To Be Rich

Everyone wants to be rich, however few ever make the steps to get there, today I want to discuss what I believe to be one of the critical components of making those steps.

Why set goals?

To me working without goals would be like playing football without the goal posts, you can’t score if you have nothing to aim for. Goals should give you a clear indication of where you need to be and hence what you need to be aiming for.

Writing your goals down

This to me is the key, you can’t lie with what’s written down I found when I just had goals in my head when I knew I didn’t achieve them I would try to twist the goals to make myself feel better this isn’t what we need, if you haven’t hit your goals you need to know and because you haven’t hit your goals you need to work even harder to make sure you reach your next one. Changing your goals because your falling behind is pointless don’t let yourself slip because your behind work even harder to make sure you reach it.

Set a goal but work like you’re aiming higher

Grant Cardone a famous property investor commonly talks about the 10 x rule where by you set yourself a goal and times it by 10 work like you’re aiming for 10 times higher if you don’t hit the 10x you should’ve at least hit your original goal, which is much better than aiming for your goal and falling short of that due to a lack of effort.

work to a date

Its no good saying I want to be worth a £million in net worth, set yourself a goal date for example I want to be a millionaire by my 30th birthday that’s more specific you may have time pressure and you can’t keep just moving the goal posts back.People too commonly like to move the goal posts all this does to you is hold them back if you can bring them forward by all means do so but never push them back, it’ll stop you being who you want to be.