Why One Savings Account Isn’t Enough

is suggest that one savings account is never enough to reach any goals you have here’s why:

you need an account for emergencies

you may call this a rainy day fund, this has to be kept separate from other savings, why? Because of its purpose its there to protect you financially I found way to often before I separated this an expense like a holiday would eat it to the amount I had allocated for emergency because I saw all the money as being the same, since splitting this up however my allocated emergency fund has yet to be touched as I now see it for what it is not just money in savings account waiting to be spent.

You need to save for the things that matter to you

For me a big one I save for is travel its what I enjoy so this needs some priority and I allocate money to a separate account accordingly, another thing I save for Is a deposit for my first rental property, these things don’t happen if you’re not consistently working towards them. The things that matter to you are likely different just make sure some of your money goes towards the things you enjoy.

Save for big expenses

if you know your going to need a new boiler or car in the next year or two its worth saving towards expenditures like these don’t get into the habit of constantly financing expenses like these it will limit the money you have left to invest or save, the interest might not seem like a lot at the time but if you paying interest on cars etc. there’s an opportunity cost associated with spending money on interest.

All the above highlight different areas your savings go I’m sure I’ve missed some more as well make sure one doesn’t take priority.