3 Ways Ordinary People Can Become Millionaires

A common goal for a lot of people is to become a millionaire at some point in their lives.To start this of I firstly want to discuss what it means to be a millionaire this is when your Assets minus your liabilities are equal or greater than a £million (the currency will change dependent on which currency your country uses).

Investing in the stock market

investing in the stock market can be done in a variety of different ways whether this is through a pension, and isa or a standard brokerage account, and you can invest in to stocks and shares or index funds and ETFs.

When buying shares of a company your buying a piece of that company so always make sure you research a particular stock and understand all the fundamentals before purchasing, this can be confusing to some people and stop them from trying all together however for those people I recommend index funds and ETFS, as they’re diversified investments and they can be a lot more beginner friendly however you should still research before buying these.

when buying index fund or Etfs. expected returns could be around 4-10% however some years you might get higher or lower returns than others and when investing in stocks your returns can vary dramatically dependent on your investment strategy and other factors.

To become a millionaire with stocks and shares will likely take a long time 20+ years for most people to reach the millionaire mark or a high income, however it can be a good passive approach and is one I certainly like so I can buy every month and not have anything to manage maybe make the odd change but nothing major.

when investing in the stock market its important not to become to concerned on price fluctuations these happen and if you’re investing for the long term in good companies or ETFS you will likely get back over your previous amount, investing during a downturn is a good opportunity to get a share or ETF for a fraction of its previous price just make sure to do your du diligence before buying.

Buy to let investments

Buy to let investments have a higher barrier to entry than stocks and shares do but the everyday investor with the use of leverage with a mortgage can often achieve higher returns consistently which can even be 20%+ per year. These are often done through a LTD company. To get a property you often will need 25% of. its value for a deposit +legal fees and any costs to fix ups the property (you may encounter other costs so allow some extra money for this)

The high barrier to entry can be some what reduce by finding a partner which you can go 50 50 with or they put in more money and you do more of the work or visa versa, partnerships can be a good way to get started as they mean you can into property faster, its important you trust your partner though as any issues could be costly, family and close friends may be willing to help with this its worth having conversations with people you trust this may well lead to the business partnership you need to get started.

property prices are much less volatile than in the stock market as they are less liquid investments meaning they’re harder to get out of and sell which could be a good thing if you’re the type of person to worry about constant price movements.

The higher returns in property mean its entirely possible to become a millionaire in 7+ years for normal people dependent on strategy and amount invested.


Owning a business can be if done correctly the fastest way to become a millionaire, you have a lot of options when it comes to business.

For people who have low income I suggest you build you own business from scratch meaning you can start sooner, however those one a high income should take advantage of this and consider buying ready built businesses to start turning over decent profit from day one. common valuations for a business might might be 2 times the yearly profit of the company however this varies and is only a rough estimate.

when looking into businesses I would focus on something that will be scalable and can be tailored to suit your future needs ie can you set up a management team to run your business limiting the time you need to spend on it or a business you can run from anywhere like most online businesses, this is dependent on the life you wish to live.

Which Method Is Best

This truly depends on the individual, my current goal is to work toward a hybrid of all of these, for example building businesses which can one day pay for my real estate investments and use the rents collected from the real estate to invest in the stock market, this would give me a variety of income sources meaning if one were to fail I would have others to keep me going this is something I believe most people can achieve and should certainly aim for.